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Group culture

Group culture

We should implement the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing" put forward by the Central Committee, adhere to the important concept of "keeping the right out of the new, and pursuing the long-term development with the guiding principle of" inheriting the red gene, abiding by the business responsibility, highlighting the dignity of the system, and adhering to honesty and trustworthiness "

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    Advocating the spirit of "self, ecstasy, and selflessness; justice, integrity, and correctness", that is, satisfying the material needs of the self, realizing the value of the self, surpassing the self, investing in the working state of ecstasy, and achieving the ideological realm of being selfless; insisting on revitalizing the nation The just business philosophy of industry, the implementation of an upright enterprise management system, and the formulation of correct enterprise policies and strategies. Strive to build an international national laser company.


    Become the most respected and trusted industry expert in the world


    Because of the need, there exists—being a person who needs it; being a person useful to society; helping customers create value and striving to exceed expectations.

    Make life

    Powerful nation, equip the world


    Deeply cultivate China, extend from left to right, and take advantage of emerging market players


    Control channels, service-oriented, leading technology, accumulate credibility