Human Resources

Human Resources

Mechanical Engineers
2-3 years of experience / 29 persons / full time
Monthly salary: Face to face

operating duty

1. Responsible for building modular automation organization

2. Technical communication with customers in the early stage of the project, formulation of scheme, and completion of detailed design and verification of equipment

3. Refine the structure design and engineering drawing, arrange the BOM, and evaluate the production cost

4. Provide technical guidance during equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning

5. Write equipment specification and related technical documents, and provide necessary technical support for after-sales service


1. Education: Bachelor degree or above

2. Major requirements: major in mechanical or electrical engineering

3. At least 4 years of product structure design experience, must have independent design experience of complete product

4. Skill requirements:

a. Proficient in SolidWorks / CAD, (familiar with inverter is better), can design scheme, design 3D and plot according to customer requirements

b. Skilled use of screw guide rail, linear motor, servo module, double speed chain, cylinder, motor, sensor is preferred

5. Personal requirements: good oral expression skills, and good technical communication skills.

*In strict accordance with the labor law, the company implements the five day eight hour working system, pays five insurances and one fund on behalf of the company. There are overtime pay for overtime work. The salary structure is composed of basic salary + performance + bonus + living allowance

    Company travel is organized every year, and welfare is paid for traditional festivals